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the Swisscom KICKBOOK

With the launch of ADOBE KICKBOX, Mark Randall created a movement that has resulted in the transformation of employees at Swisscom and countless other companies. Kickbox lays the culture that provides the ideal conditions for cultivating intrapreneurship and grass-roots innovation.

In recent years, we have been able to support 500+ intrapreneurs both inside and outside Swisscom, and have learned what works and what does not.

We decided to share this knowledge and wrote the KICKBOOK based on our experiences. In the full spirit of the Kickbox Open Source movement (, we decided not to venture on this journey alone but to gather input from other experts and incorporate this in the book.

The KICKBOOK is the result of co-creation workshops, feedback sessions with countless innovative companies, Kickboxers and intrapreneurship experts.

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The Handbook for Intrapreneurs

Every adventure begins with a first step – and so every successful innovation begins with a spark or an igniting idea to change the world. The KICKBOOK is that first step – one that most people never even take. You are one of the bold few.

The KICKBOOK will help you analyze your idea, validate it and present it to potential sponsors! The book is based on experience gained from thousands of Kickbox innovation projects in companies such as Adobe and Swisscom.

Digital Extra Content

Within the KICKBOOK there are various “Ask Mark” videos, where Mark Randall shares his advise with intrapreneurs. Learn from Marks experience as entrepreneur & corporate innovator. 

Furthermore, so-called “Extra Miles” and “Extra Kicks” are guiding you throughout the book to more in-depth content and skills that boost your skills as an intrapreneur.

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No Kickbox is like your Kickbox! We learned that it is crucial to adjust and tailor Kickbox to the culture, processes and language of an organization.

We built our own toolbox at Swisscom, and co-created various versions with our peers for the use within their organizations. The combined learnings led to the development of a new key element: The KICKBOOK. If you decide to get started with GETKICKBOX, we co-create the toolbox, design it for you, produce the boxes in a handicapped workshop, and ship them directly to you. You simply order additional boxes through the online platform.

David Hengartner, Reto Wenger, Ralph Hartmeier, Vinzenz Leuenberger