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rready developed the KICKBOX concept further with a holistic online-offline approach and supports large organizations worldwide by enabling their employees to become innovators and execute their ideas at scale.

The immense success of the Kickbox program at Swisscom led the internal Kickbox team to spin out of the corporate world, create their own innovation SaaS startup and continue to rigorously enable hundreds of employees around the world release their intrapreneurial power with KICKBOX.

The KICKBOOK was rewritten by rready and co-created by 100+ experts in corporate innovation to further enhance the experience of the innovator who validates his/her idea step by step. Based on experience gained from thousands of KICKBOX projects in companies such as Adobe and Swisscom, it is used at more than 30 companies such as Roche, Siemens Energy, and Implenia.

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clients accross the world
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Middle to large corporations worldwide, active in different industries.
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Supported employees to validate, test, and improve their ideas
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The ultimate goal is to empower employees to create new value add products and services

The Handbook for Intrapreneurs

Every adventure begins with a first step – and so every successful innovation begins with a spark or an igniting idea to change the world. The KICKBOOK is that first step – one that most people never even take. You are one of the bold few. The KICKBOOK will help you analyze your idea, validate it and present it to potential sponsors! The book is based on experience gained from thousands of Kickbox innovation projects in companies such as Adobe and Swisscom.

Digital Extra Content

Employees love the physical KICKBOOK and the toolbox itself as it makes innovation tangible. However, it is difficult to create a single printed manual which works perfectly for everyone as people bring different experiences and knowledge to the table.

As a result, rready adds online content to activate the Kickboxer and provide more detailed information and tasks. The gap between the offline and online world can be reduced. With the online platform the innovation projects, champions and experts become visible across the whole organization. The automated KICKBOX innovation project workflow helps to reduce administrative work. You can measure how many ideas are submitted, validated, piloted, and implemented. And most importantly, the online platform makes innovation scalable no matter the number of employees.

Innovation toolbox- Kickbox

The Kickbox
key components

These key components make the program scalable, engaging and successful.

Online Platform

Collect and execute ideas, connect employees and manage the progress of your KICKBOX program.

PHYSICAL Toolboxes

Distributing physical toolboxes to your employees makes innovation tangible, gamified and fun!


Get strategic & hands-on support based on our experience from 30+ intrapreneurship programs.


Use our expert network to coach and upskill your employees along their innovation journey.