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rready, our largest Kickbox method partner has published an innovation report of extensive research done within European organizations. You can download your free copy here.

innovation report in Europe by rready

about this report

Over the last few months rready has been working closely with the Institute of Information Systems and Digital Business, at the University of St. Gallen to bring us the latest Innovation in Europe Report 2024!

What you can expect
  • Key insights about dynamics shaping corporate innovation in Europe
  • Challenges, priorities, goals, and enablers of innovation
  • Success stories showcasing companies at the forefront of corporate innovation in the current market landscape
Who is it for?
  • Innovation leaders looking for inspiration and benchmarks
  • Senior executives and business leaders who want to evaluate their team’s performance in innovation compared to competitors and the market
  • Anyone interested in the status of innovation in Europe now and the upcoming changes

We once relied solely on in-house R&D, which, while thorough, limited our scope. External collaborations have since broadened our innovation potential.

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