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Kickbox.org is the non-profit association and collaborative community of best practices that curates, distributes and supports Kickbox, ensuring it continues to evolve as a shared resource. Kickbox.org exists thanks to the creativity and generosity of thousands of organizations and innovation practitioners who freely share their improvements and insights in a unique global collaboration for the benefit of innovators, teachers and entrepreneurs everywhere.

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What is Kickbox?

Kickbox is the world’s most popular enterprise innovation framework, used at thousands of organizations from multi-nationals (3M, Cisco, Caterpillar, MasterCard, Swisscom, P&G) to educational institutions (ETH, UNSW, USC), government agencies (DARPA, United Nations) and non-profits (Peace Corp, Gates Foundation, Kickstart-Innovation). It was originally created for internal use at Adobe by Chief Strategist and VP of Creativity Mark Randall and then open-sourced in 2015.

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Executive Director

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Vinzenz Leuenberger

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Reto Wenger

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