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Welcome to THE Kickbox Foundation

The Kickbox Foundation is a community of Kickbox enthusiasts and practitioners. Here you can find Kickbox open-source material from Adobe and rready, and exchange thoughts with other members.

Kickbox is a methodology in corporate innovation to activate employees and create business impact. It was invented by Mark Randall, serial entrepreneur and former VP of Creativity at Adobe. He open-sourced parts of the material and thousands of companies adapted it. An extensive adaptation was done by rready, which is a Swiss spin-out of Swisscom.

The purpose of the Kickbox Foundation is to provide the community with materials and insights, as a way of giving back.

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The Kickbox method?

Kickbox is the world’s most popular enterprise innovation framework based on a methodology invented by Adobe and further shaped by rready.

It has been used at thousands of organizations from multi-nationals (3M, Cisco, Caterpillar, MasterCard, Swisscom, P&G, Roche, Implenia, Zurich Insurance) to educational institutions (ETH, UNSW, USC), government agencies (DARPA, United Nations) and non-profits (Peace Corp, Gates Foundation, Kickstart-Innovation, Careum).​​ Kickbox has been also featured in several academic publications, such as Harvard Business Review.

The methodology enables every employee to take an active role in the company’s innovation process: submitting and validating their own ideas. Controlled freedom and support is given to the intrapreneurs in the beginning and every idea giver has the chance to prove the idea as valuable to the company. This process is supported by a toolbox. Are you curious what is in that original toolbox of Adobe or rready? ​​

Procter & Gamble
United nations innovation
Innovation at Roche & pharma industry
Innovation at 3M
Bill & Melinda Gates foundation - Innovation in foundations
USC - Innovation methods in universities
Bottom-up innovation in the construction industry at Implenia
Innovation at adult education school - careum

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Why IS Kickbox open source?

Everyone should be enabled to test their business ideas, since what might start as raw idea has the potential to transform into a valuable product or service – no matter if you are a student, a consultant, a manager or an innovation guru.Every business manager can get hold of the material and assess it, use it for its own company’s innovation program or get in touch with the people behind the material. That is the reason why Adobe and rready have made some of their material publically accessible.

If you’re interested in an active exchange with many other Kickbox practitioners, join our Slack Channel.

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